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The event will take place offline and online at the same time. If you have the opportunity to be in Moscow and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our triumphant celebration, you can buy tickets to the live event. The emotions you will experience are going to be incomparable. If you can't travel out of the country/city as many countries still have restrictions, you can get your tickets for the virtual event online. We will do our best to make our online audience feel like a full participant of the event, despite the distance.

Technical support for International messages and calls in Whatsapp: +79199729494
The hall will have two zones for Associates: BUSINESS and VIP.

For Associates with qualifications from the National Director and above.

Benefits that you undoubtedly deserve:
  • a private entrance with a carpeted walkway;
  • a fabulous bag full of gifts worth the price of your ticket;
  • a separate buffet area;
  • super comfortable area at a table near the stags;
  • fresh flowers;
  • individual seats and name tags;
  • drinking water;
  • security;

An area for our dearest Associates who also met certain qualifications.

Advantages include special gift packages and comfortable seating!

  • anticipated by thousands of APL Partners throughout the year;
  • in which many of our Associates are ready to fly to the other side of the world;
  • where the Company will recognize your achievements;
  • of a breathtaking scale;
  • that inspires you, pushes you to accomplish higher achievements and motivates you to take your business to the next level!
  • You will meet with Company Leaders.
  • You will feel a sense of unity with those close to you.
  • You will know exactly what tears of happiness are.
  • You will attend the most anticipated, global APLGO event!
  • And YES, you will receive gifts for the value of your ticket! Who else is doing something like this?
But that's not all!

This year APL PLANET will be special, unique and unmatched. This year has been declared a TRIUMPH at APLGO, it's time to celebrate the TRIUMPHANT TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE PEOPLE'S COMPANY.

We promise you the most unconventional format of the event! For the first time you will see something you could never imagine! After all, for PLANET we have found the most advanced technologies that exist in the world and implemented them in our celebration! Augmented reality, robots, virtual maps, product launch into space, communication with cosmonauts and artificial intelligence. Get ready, you are going to see a direct look into the future!

This PLANET will be the most stellar, cosmic and astounding event you have ever been to!
The greatest show ever!
A complete immersion into the future with a multimedia show that incorporates state-of-the-art technology from around the world. It is going to blow your mind!
Recognition on Stage
A traditional procession of the best of the best on one of Moscow's biggest stages.
Renewed tools!
The things that make it possible to develop as a successful Company Associate. The opportunity to buy them at a discounted price here and now.
Personal Upgrade
You will completely update your goals, set goals for the next 12 months and get a system that will lead to success.
Unity with the team!
A powerful tool for creating the right atmosphere within the structure, encouraging newcomers and attracting them to the business.
A powerful tool for maintaining a high level of performance within your structure from Leaders and Company management.
New Products!
The first official presentations of new products in the APLGO product line. The opportunity to buy them here and now.
Perspectives and Vision!
What awaits the Company in the near future? What plans and prospects does the management team have? You will know everything and it will blow your mind.
Golden Leaf 2021!
Awarding one of the most prestigious networking industry awards in Russia, the Golden Leaf.
Face To Face With Leaders!
Informal behind the scenes conversations with people you look up to, follow, and want to imitate.
New Technology!
An exclusive presentation of APLGO's proprietary technology. You will be the first to learn about the new product line.
Elite Clubs
The list of those who will receive the Golden Diamond badges by becoming a member of one of the most elite APLGO clubs is growing. Let's get to know the lucky recipients!
Exclusive promotions only for guests of the event! You'll be the first to know the terms and conditions and be able to get the most out of them!
Soon we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of APLGO! And if your state or country still has travel restrictions or you have other reasons why you can't be in Moscow, don't worry! We have the next best thing!
There will be an online translation of the event!
If you buy a PLANET ticket for yourself, you will get unlimited access to the online event, as well as the broadcast recording, and all of the video footage shown at the anniversary.
( They cannot be forwarded, all files will be uploaded to your account and after a month they will be restricted.).
APL PLANET offers you intensive training and education from the world's best speakers, top leaders and company specialists. And in order to master new knowledge effectively, we recommend that you reserve a quiet place, where you won't be distracted by anything or anyone.
You will have access to a chat room where you can ask your questions to the speakers and the President of the Company, as well as communicate with like-minded people.
We are going to raffle prizes only among the ticket holders such as Apple devices. Don't miss your chance to win a brand new iPhone or iPad and much more.
For those who purchased their own APL PLANET ticket, there will be special promotion terms and conditions that will be announced at the anniversary.
Stay inspired and tuned in for the year ahead!
Just a reminder that participants of the event will receive an individual link to the training but only for one device. The training will be translated for your convenience. Please keep in mind that this link is not shareable. If you send this link to another device, it will be blocked.


Where can I purchase the ticket?

You can purchase the ticket in your BackOffice account or on our webpage.

How will the broadcast work?

There will be live streaming.

How does the link work?

One day before the event, you will receive an individual link for one device, which will forward you to the APLGO Company's virtual room.

How to switch languages?

After clicking on the link, you will be able to choose your language. The company will provide simultaneous translation of the broadcast from Russian into Bulgarian, Romanian, English, Spanish and Turkish.

How can I authorize?

You can either use the code for authorization or use your individual link from the device you are going to use for watching (the link will be sent to your BackOffice and your email one day before the event). After completing these steps – you will be authorized.

Why can’t I share my ticket?

Your ticket is individual. Your link will be blocked if you open it from a different IP address.

How can I present the ticket?

The code (or the link) is your ticket. From your ID you can buy as many tickets as you want and send them to any person as a present.

Can my guests watch it together with me?

Yes, they can. Let them get inspired by the scale of the Company!

Where can I ask questions?

You can leave all your questions in the Contact section in your BackOffice account.

What should I do if I fail to connect?

The technical support will be available two hours before the broadcast begins. You will have time to check the quality of your connection. But we recommend that you take care of a good Internet connection beforehand and update your browsers. APLGO Technical Support Contact Information

My video playback was interrupted.

The message says: “The password is being used on another device." - The broadcast only works on one device at a time. It cannot be shared with anyone else. If that doesn't work, use an alternate link to the FaceCast service.

I don’t have the video window

You have an old browser. You have ad blockers enabled.

Where do I get the link to the broadcast?

There are links to the broadcast on the main page in the BackOffice. In addition, an email was sent to you with all the necessary information.

Error "Your connection is not secured" or "Clock is lagging"

try logging in using a different browser. If the error persists, the problem is with the root certificates on your computer. It will take a long time to fix. Use another computer or cell phone to watch. A recording will be available after the broadcast ends.

Technical support for International messages and calls in Whatsapp: +79199729494

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